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After-sale service

After-sale service

1, warranty period: 12 months (time from the date of obtaining the certificate of use of the technical supervision department).
2. A special toolbox is given when the garage is transferred;
3. There is a local maintenance service station in the local area. It provides 24 hours after - call maintenance service. The maintenance staff arrived at the site in 30 minutes after receiving the maintenance phone and provided uninterrupted service until the end. The general failure is lifted within 2 hours, and the major failure is lifted within 12 hours.
4, during the warranty period, the maintenance and replacement cost of all parts which are damaged due to normal use and natural wear are free of charge (except for human factors and force majeure factors).
5, equipment in normal use, regular maintenance, timely repair and replacement of damaged parts, can guarantee the garage minimum 30 years of service life.
6. After the commissioning and acceptance of the equipment, the company will provide free training to users designated for operation and maintenance.
7. We have sufficient supply capacity of spare parts to ensure the supply of vulnerable and easily consumed spare parts and regular parts.