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Product introduction

Product introduction

Frame part
The frame is made up of the front column, the rear column, the front cross beam, the rear cross beam and the longitudinal beam. The domestic high-quality H section steel is adopted. The frame adopts cross beam structure. The surface is shot blasting, rust cleaning, pickling, rust prevention, surface spraying or hot dip galvanizing, and it has been used for more than 30 years. The bottom of the column is connected with the ground, which is the support of the whole equipment. The whole frame is connected with high strength bolt. The equipment is simple, beautiful, safe, stable and reliable.

Steel structure part
After the NC joint production line of the steel structure of the garage, the flushing and rolling production line of the wave plate and the manufacturing line of the NC punching and cutting line of the side beam of the plate plate, the error is controlled within 0.5mm, and the surface of the steel structure is sprayed or hot-dip galvanized on the surface of the steel structure. The structure of beam and column is designed with square pipe or H steel frame, and the structure is stable. The main structure of the equipment does not rely on the force of the column, beam, wall and top of the building. It has high safety and no effect on the building.

Vehicle board
1、Common vehicle board
Its thickness is ≥ 2.0mm, the plate plate body is assembled by hot galvanized corrugated plate and bending side beam. The length of the car table is 3860-4740mm, the total width of the plate plate is 2350mm, and the inside width is 2100mm.
2、There are 2-3 sets of rollers on both sides of the front half of the front half of the front half of the car board, and there is a height difference between the sides of the platen from the side to the middle of the plate. When the vehicle enters the front slope and plate, the wheel is automatically pushed to the middle of the plate, realizing the automatic alignment, avoiding the rubbing between the vehicle and the side beam of the plate, and having 2 LED lights at the back of the board, when the light indicates the arrow to indicate that the vehicle is in the middle.

Comparison of normal carrier plate and ordinary carrier plate

Self guided vehicle board

Common vehicle board


2.2 drive system

♦ The motor uses the international brand Taiwan Dongli mechanical garage special motor, running smoothly, the noise is small, and the brake device is attached, the braking torque is not less than 1.5 times. The protection level of the motor is not less than IP54. Gear helical angle processing mode, low noise brake, greatly reducing the gear noise and brake noise. Compared with the same industry, the noise level of the motor is lower than 5-10dB, which is the lowest noise in the industry, and is more suitable for residential use.

♦ The chain chain adopts the special chain of the garage, to enhance the chain 16A and the balance chain 16A, so as to facilitate lubrication. The lifting chain drive drives the shaft end sprocket rotation through the motor drive shaft so as to synchronize the lifting chain of the two post column side, balancing the balance chain to balance the role of the board, so that it does not produce skewness in the upper and lower running and is always in a horizontal state. The lift chain of the front end of the front end is more than 1200mm above the front column of the front column, and the car can be greatly increased. Turn into storage space, making the vehicle in and out more convenient and more comfortable.

2.4 Safety device

♦ Operation warning device when the parking equipment operates, the red rotary warning light and electronic buzzer are activated to warn users, pedestrians and vehicles to pay attention.

♦ Emergency stop switch operating disk has an emergency stop button, when a special emergency, press the button, all machinery immediately stop action, if the emergency is not lifted, then the parking equipment can not start.

Running warning lamp

Sudden stop switch

  thermal overload relay is overloaded, the overload protection device starts and the power supply is cut off immediately to protect the motor from damage and the safety of the vehicle on the platform.

 Phase sequence protection relay, when the power supply is overvoltage, undervoltage, mistaken phase and leakage phase, the phase sequence protection relay acts to stop the system and avoid damage to the equipment. 。

Thermal overload relay

Phase sequence protection relay


 At the entrance optoelectronic protection , when the foreign object invades the equipment area, all the mechanical actions must be stopped to ensure the safety of the person and vehicle in and out of the system, and the system can not be started before the abnormal state is lifted.

 In order to prevent the collision between the lift truck platform and the transversal vehicle platform, the chain set up the lifting and shifting positioning points to prevent the collision between the elevating car platform and the transversal vehicle.

Optoelectronic protection switch 

Interlocking device 


 The loose chain detection device lift platform is equipped with a chain detection device to prevent the chain from accidental chain breaking, chain removal and loosening chain, resulting in the tilt or falling of the car table to ensure the safety of the vehicles and personnel.

 The anti falling device has a safe hook to prevent the car from falling off when the accident and the motor brake fail to ensure the safety of the vehicle and personnel.

Loose chain detection device 

Anti falling device 


2.5 man-machine interface

 Operation mode: operation interface support key / brush card two ways. Input signal is transmitted to single chip through CAN bus. All operation control is completed by single instruction. In addition to individual operation control, each group of parking procedures is equipped with remote operation monitoring and management system interface, in order to adopt intelligent unified management.

 Fault display: after the mechanical stop of the in the garage, the fault content will be displayed in Chinese on the interface of the operation box, which is convenient for the maintenance personnel to quickly find the problem and eliminate the fault.